The Ideal Performers for Your Event


Jorge "The Iceman" Mena

S. Jorge "The Iceman" Mena is a student of the human condition. His love of magic and his skills  make him a unique sought-after international performer and presenter with a dedicated following.  

      This talented magician, teacher and internationally published author believes that magic can be found in every performance  though a collaborative effort with his audience. Whether in an intimate  setting with a small group,  performing from a television studio or with  a live audience, experience one of the world of magic's 

best-kept  secrets.

"Mine  is asimple approach to magic and mentalism: have the audience perform  with you and together astound, perplex, excite and delight while  creating an unforgettable moment."


David Devlin

A gifted performer of close-up and coin magic, David is a Texas native who has traveled around the country showcasing his incredible skills that make him the right answer for any event. A sought-after speaker, he can be found around the country hosting magic workshops in conjunction with his live presentations helping the development of the next generation of magicians. 

This remarkable magician is a walking encyclopedia of everything and anything magic. His extensive knowledge of our art has enabled him to become a creative force releasing many new effects that are sure to delight audiences and help other performers shine.

 As a creator of hundreds of magic effects and an internationally published author of various genres of magic, Dave has established himself as a true master of magic.


John Jerde

John Jerde is  an innate performer, a striking figure on stage with an amazing quick  wit and captivating sense of humor. An emerging force in the world of  magic, John has been a student of performance magic and mentalism since  childhood. Jerde’s modern take on  mentalism is creative and innovative. His evolution from his early  performances at family gatherings to the television studio has been a  rapid ascent that leads one to note an already evolved performer whose  potential is limitless. “It has been a wonderful experience so far.  Every performance is transformative and makes me hunger for the creation  of new effects and illusions, as well as new

set the stage for those of us performing today,” says John. 

    “While I get a thrill from performing, I have not lost my love for the  machinations of the not-yet- seen,” he continues. “Now both talents have  merged and I become more driven every day to add something to this  incredible and rewarding art,” he adds.

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